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Movies, shows?


I finished the czech course, though I rarely have 2 crowns, they're mostly just one, I don't plan on leveling them up. My native language is serbian and it's becoming boring. So I was wondering does anyone know any free sites where I could watch native czech movies, or movies dubbed to czech, or anything that's in czech really. Also, any suggestions for learning this language after finishing the duolingo course? Did anyone try the czech course 101? I listen to their radio (they have a channel that is always airing some radio drama) and I'm gonna try reading some of Capek's books. Does anyone have any other ideas...?

July 31, 2018



I've listed some resources in a google spreadsheet, it includes a couple of online sites with TV & Video in czech, often with subtitles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g2BSxgYApVqlb9U7aMN7g_fXJg6Lwx4q7KvrAB6xso8/edit?usp=sharing

As for your second question, I am currently building an app for language learners to learn the language while reading, so stay tuned ;)


Thanks a lot! Be sure to post here, or in the forum once you finish your app, I'm looking forward to it :)

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Try https://www.stream.cz/porady

There are comedy and dokumentary series, something about fashion, music or cooking. All is origin, gratis, legal. :-) With SUBTITLES. :-)

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