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"bID rep ret, naDev bo'Deghvam vIje'."

Translation:Half an hour ago, I bought this bird here.

July 31, 2018



Logically wouldn't it be rep bID not bID rep? Or is this an idiomatic convention? Is it because half is being treated as a number such as two would be treated? Nevermind. I see. It is a number. Sorry.

Is there a way to delete one's sentence questions? This often happens to me where I figure it out a couple minutes after posting but then do not know how to delete my question. Usually I just make it blank, which clutters up the board.


On the website, there are "Edit" and "Delete" links beneath comments you have written yourself, next to the "Reply" link.

I don't know about mobile apps (but I personally hate those because they don't make the tips and notes easily accessible to learners and wish they would go away entirely).

Alternatively a course moderator can delete anyone's comments -- if you want a comment of yours deleted but have difficulty doing it yourself for whatever reason, just say that you'd like the comment to be deleted. (In an additional comment if need be, e.g. "Please delete this comment and my previous one starting 'bla bla bla'.")


When I delete the discussion comments, it only removes the comment itself but leaves the discussion sitting on the board. Unless only I can see them. Have you noticed many discussion comments by me that are totally blank with nothing in them? Ok, I will go through them and request a delete, starting with this one.

Please delete this discussion.


I think that deleting an entire sentence discussion makes it inaccessible forever — which means that future learners who have questions about a sentence will have no place to post them as they cannot access (nor re-create) the discussion.

Deleting things on Duo doesn’t seem to remove them permanently, just mark them as deleted — for example, moderators can usually still see deleted comments. So a deleted sentence discussion is different from the absence of a sentence discussion, where posting an initial comment will create it.

As such, deleting an entire sentence discussion is a bit of an ultimate step, which I would usually only take if it has become clear that there is no further productive use to be expected from the existence of the sentence discussion.

An empty sentence discussion page is not a problem.

It may show up on the list of created discussions and then be empty; so what? When someone later has a question again, they can add it.


I see. Thank you!


Thank you for your understanding!


Let me guess, it's now dead…


Heghbe', jupwI'. leStaH.


Alright, if he's not dead, I'll wake him up!!!


and the only reason that it was sitting on it's perch, was because it had been nailed there!

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