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"Tiu bela roboto estas mia kunulo!"

Translation:That handsome robot is my partner!

July 31, 2018



Duo is a robosexual.


Robosexuality is unnatural... Unzips pants


Is there a specific reason this needs to be "handsome" instead of "pretty" -- or is that something I should have reported?


They all mean the same. It's just that English has different ways of calling someone attractive based on their gender


I usually think of robots as gender-neutral, although I suppose they could have called it "robotino"...


nur informo ekstere la temo))

ne nur la angla: ankaŭ la ĉina havas diversajn vortojn por belaj viroj kaj virinoj


It's always irritated me about Duolingo courses doing this (the French/English course does it too). Beautiful & handsome aren't really synonyms in English; we use them with a gender bias because of certain social norms, but they come from completely different roots and have different usages. "A handsome face is not a beautiful face", as they say; it's just for cultural reasons we consider it less appropriate to attribute "beauty" to men than we do to women.

Long story short, it's a whole load of messiness that doesn't really need to be brought into a beginner's language course! In this context, something like "bonaspekta" would probably be a better translation for "handsome" (but more literally of "good-looking") if as an English speaker you still feel squeamish about describing men as beautiful/bela.


I didn't know this about you, Duo! But don't worry: we'll accept you just the way you are.


Is kunulo used for other types of partner, non romantic ones?


Yes. It often comes down to context.


Kial "That beautiful robot is my colleague!" ne estas ĝusta? Iu rimarkis ke se oni dirus "robotino" anstataŭ "roboto" tien "beautiful" estus pli ĝusta. Nu mi estas maŝinisto, do mi vere havas multajn robotojn kiu estas miaj kunuloj. Sed mi ne pensis uzi de la vorto "partner" per diskribi ilin. Eble, kunlaboranto estas pli proksume ol "colleague," ĉu ne?

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