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  5. "Ανατρέφω το παιδί μου."

"Ανατρέφω το παιδί μου."

Translation:I am raising my child.

July 31, 2018



It's funny to see the "f" sound from φ instead of υ here.


No, it is misspelled like this. If it was υ then it would be the v sound .


I don't hear "μου", unless I play the slow version. Anyone else with the same experience?


Listening to it multiple times, I can confirm that it can be heard as Ανατρέφω το παιδί μ' (I can hear the whole μου if I pay attention and expect to hear it). TTS programms are known to cause such controversies, because they are not natural.


'I rear my child' - isn't this as accurate as raise?


i mispelled it as ανατρεπω. and got it ´ correctly. AMAZING since my spelling means quite tge opposite. to upset, overturn, invert, buck!!!

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