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  5. "Six girls and eight boys"

"Six girls and eight boys"

Translation:छह लड़कियाँ और आठ लड़के

July 31, 2018



Both छह and छः are equivalent, but छः is more the Sanskrit form (the two dots is an old way of writing an h)


Hmm. That may be so, but if it's not in usage shouldn't we sick to छह? Or is it important for certain words?


Visarga (ḥ) Translated literally, Visarga means "to send out" or "to release". It creates a softer, lingering sound after the vowel. There are two forms of visarga -guttural and fricative,The former may be pronounced before ⟨क⟩, ⟨ख⟩, and the latter before ⟨प⟩, and ⟨फ⟩. I'm not sure why it would be used before ल, in Hindi. You may find more on Visarga Sandhi usage in Hindi on google search.


why teach us one thing, and then test us on something completely different? Not fair, and very confusing.


I do agree with you.


As i know from sanskrit... when there is : it means that there is a h plus the vocal before. Example: nama: means... namaha. Right?


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:: I see what you did there


Duo making sure that we are paying attention!!

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