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bonus skills

I have a great idea for the Klingon course; I know that I may not be the first to have it: Klingonese has so many idioms and common phrases, that bonus skills would be practically premade. It's a perfect way to sneak some extra cultural education into the course.

Er..., By the way, do the developers have any hope that the qaghwI' problem can be rectified soon, or ever?

August 1, 2018



To the best of my knowledge, bonus skills (especially on courses which were not originally created in-house, i.e. European Big 5?) had some kind of unspecified problems.

We had originally planned a couple of bonus skills, but since they were probably never going to see the light of day due to those problems (i.e. they would be in the incubator tree but they would never appear in the shop for learners to buy them), we decided to turn one of them (real-life-related vocabulary) into a regular skill and not to pursue the other ones.

So I'm afraid that while I think it would be a great idea to have an Idioms and Proverbs bonus skill (or two bonus skills), I don't think that's technically possible at the moment.

I don't know where the qaghwI' problem is on the list of developers' priorities right now, but since I haven't seen any change on that front for months, I don't think anyone should hold their breath. (Maybe loghaD knows a little more?)


That is a really great idea Lee!! I have been planning to start trying to learn proverbs, idioms, and similar soon. It would be really great to have a bunch of lessons for them. There are so many idioms that it could form an entire new section for the course.

You know that just once again presents something that I think Duolingo should add, which is a section where users could themselves make side contributions that do not impact the main course. Adding a bunch of proverbs and idioms would be a lot of work for already overworked course contributers. But I am sure many course users would be willing to work on a project like that. A lot of Duolingo courses have a lot of users who would be willing to add side lessons in a separate section from the actual course. It would be a good way to protect the main courses from tampering but still allow for a lot of enrichment of language skills.

By qaghwI' problem, do you mean about hints not showing or something else?


Yes and yes. The Duolingo machine does not recognize the apostrophe as a letter, so it doesn't recognize words that begin with {qaghwI'}. For all I know, that is enough to disenable the course from ever reaching full stability, that is moving from beta to alpha.


(Alpha comes before beta, not after it.)

One would hope so.

Yet the course was very briefly released out of beta even with the qaghwI' error.

Fortunately, loghaD was able to persuade TPTB to move it back to beta in view of the remaining problems.


Since you find it fortunate that it was returned to beta, that suggests hope. I will take some comfort in that.

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