"Moji rodiče odpověděli, že nejsem doma."

Translation:My parents replied that I was not at home.

August 1, 2018

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Maybe this is petty, but shouldn't it be "... I am not at home." I'm thinking that someone rings the door bell and asks "Is he at home?" or "Was he at home yesterday?". I think the description of the answer would be different?


Wow! Your grasp of both English and Czech is amazing! I stand corrected.


I'm still learning, too, and I actually see a slightly different place to get tripped up... that the literal translation of the Czech original seems to be, "My parents replied that I AM not at home." Something we just have to learn and get used to, I guess! :-)


I got this right but the english sentence seems weird - it makes sense if it goes on to say something like 'that I was not at home when they called' so is that the kind of meaning it has in Czech?


My boyfriend knocked on the door of our house. My parents opened the door. He asked them if he could see me. My parents replied that I was not at home.

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