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  5. "I am going to Delhi in July."

"I am going to Delhi in July."

Translation:मैं जुलाई में दिल्ली जा रही हूँ।

August 1, 2018



Is it normal to use the continuous tense in this way in Hindi, to refer to a future event? It's a standard construction in English but it it equally common in Hindi, or would you be more like to come across the future tense (I will go to Delhi in July)?


Yes, it's quite normal to use the continuous tense when referring to a planned event in the not-too-distant future and the usage is just as common as, if not more than, the future tense.


Thanks, Zesul - very helpful to know that.


You're welcome.


Shouldn't it be जा रही हूँगी?


What is the difference between जा रहा है (हूँ) and जाता है (हूँ)? When to use which?


जा रहा है is used when the English uses “ing” in this case goING. जाता है is the regular form of the verb, go in Thai case

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