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"There was a wolf sleeping in the middle of the intersection."

Translation:Uprostřed křižovatky spal vlk.

August 1, 2018



Is there a difference between "uprostřed" - "vprostředku" - "na prostředku"? Are they all acceptable translations for "in the middle of"?


Basically yes, but in different situations.

uprostřed is universal

vprostředku - probably more or less too

na prostředku - I can't imagine it with "lesa" but with "náměstí" it is fine. Basically with something that already takes "na", probably something flat.


„Spal vlk uprostřed křižovatky." is not accepted. I assume due to the word order, but I'm not sure I understand why. Would you be willing to explain?p


Beginning with the verb is typical for questions (with the exception of the "je to"/"jsou to" constructions, which work as questions as well as statements).

"Spal vlk uprostřed křižovatky?" is a very natural question, but it doesn't quite work as a statement.


Thank you! Makes sense! =)

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