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"How many floors does this library have?"


August 1, 2018



Why not 这家? 图书馆 is definitely a building since it has floors


I think 家 is used mostly for restaurants and businesses


The measure word for library is 座 (zuò). I think larger buildings or structures that have a more permanent or immovable location use 座. It is also a measure word for mountains, skyscrapers, towers, and bridges. I guess that any building or structure that is built to last a long time would use it.

[deactivated user]

    Please accept 这家图书馆, as it is also a correct measure word.


    The correct counters should always be accepted, no matter if we have officially learned them or not. 这座图书馆有几层 is a more correct answer than using 个.


    Yes, although to me 个 is just as correct in the sense that it applies to libraries that do not occupy a whole building as 座 seems to imply.


    Why can't I use "这个图书馆有几楼" since 楼 is as same as 层 ?


    Another valid translation should be accepted using 多少 rather than 几。 这个图书馆有多少层?


    多少 is usually for numbers that can be at least double figures. Since even large libraries typically have fewer than 10 floors 几 would be the right option. In cases where we know the number will be a small one, using 多少 sounds a bit odd.


    Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know it before

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