"How many floors does this library have?"


August 1, 2018

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Why not 这家? 图书馆 is definitely a building since it has floors


The measure word for library is 座 (zuò). I think larger buildings or structures that have a more permanent or immovable location use 座. It is also a measure word for mountains, skyscrapers, towers, and bridges. I am guessing that any building or structure that is built to last a long time would use it.


I think 家 is used mostly for restaurants and businesses


First tone was used for 几 in place of third tone. Sounds unnatural.


The correct counters should always be accepted, no matter if we have officially learned them or not. 这座图书馆有几层 is a more correct answer than using 个.


Yes, although to me 个 is just as correct in the sense that it applies to libraries that do not occupy a whole building as 座 seems to imply.


Why can't I use "这个图书馆有几楼" since 楼 is as same as 层 ?


层 [céng] is a measure word, whereas 楼 [lóu] is not. If you'd like to use 楼 it would be 几层楼 [jǐ céng lóu]. However with 层 here 楼 is already implied, so adding it seems redundant.

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    Please accept 这家图书馆, as it is also a correct measure word.


    Why isn't there a measure word between 几 and 层? Did I miss something or it can be ommited?

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