"Wear the shirt and pants."

Translation:क़मीज़ और पतलून पहनो।

August 1, 2018

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how do i make my computer write Hindi?


You should be able to go into your keyboard settings and add Hindi as a language


There is no hindi words or hindi typing board


yes there are, you can buy an overkeyboard with the devenagari scripture


yes there is, every major language has a keyboard, trust me.


The Hindi words for shirt and pants are immensely similar to Spanish. I am thinking there must be some connection; can anyone confirm or deny?


Just like Spanish, Hindi has an absurd amount of loan words from Arabic and Persian, because the northern Indian subcontinent was ruled by Persians and Arabs for around 5 centuries.


The very things called shirts and pants were alien to India.... and guess when these pieces of clothing came, their names came along with them.


ya as was stated before, those words come from Arabic, which Spanish also has. I forget the exact number, but maybe 30% of all Spanish words come from Arabic. I'm not sure how different that % is when comparing Castilian to Latin American Spanish, sure the Castilian would have more Arabic in it.


Well I'm not sure what they say in Spanish but i can say that several words in others languages are similar to Hindi. Like rose in hindi is "gulab" and in Thai rose is also called"gulab" . Similar right?


My answer was correct


Just like the Madhuri Dixit song 'ek do theen' taught me how to count in Hindi, Raj Kapoor song 'mera jutha hai japani' taught me about clothes.

'Mera juta hai japani, ye patalun ingalistani, Sar pe laal topi rusi, phir bhi dil hai hindustaani'

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