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HINDI alphabet

hello dear indian brothers, i want first thank u so much for your effort that bring us the joy of indian language that i wanted to learn from when i was a kid( i had indian friends and loved their colture), then i want to know is there a way to study the hindi alphabet first? i think i need to first learn the alphabet then try the course , could u link me a PDF of hindi alphabet with how should i write it and all the characters ?

thank you all and Namaste !

August 1, 2018



oh god,Hindi alphabet is hard to learn well for me back in 1st grade I remembered it not anymore Im in 9th


Hi MHHHMD, you don't need to learn the characters beforehand. The course itself introduces the script from the first lesson. You can, of course, supplement it with external resources. The Wikipedia page of Devanagari (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devanagari) is a very detailed resource for reading about the characters.

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