"राज कभी कभी दिल्ली जाता है।"

Translation:Raj sometimes goes to Delhi.

August 1, 2018

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Could this be right:

“Raj goes to Delhi sometimes.”


Raj sometimes goes to Delhi ? Too?


Everywhere they started the sentence with 'Sometimes,.. ' The one time I write that they mark it incorrect :/


Why is the word for sometimes written twice?


As I understand it, written once it'd be like 'At a time, Raj goes to Delhi' or something less awkward. The repetition turns it from 'a time' to 'sometimes'.

It happens quite often with adverbs, in Indian English too, though sometimes the only difference is linguistic flair, as far as I know.

Similarly to 'vite-vite!' in French, or someone I used to know (perhaps unique, perhaps dialectical) who said in English 'just and just', to emphasise how 'slightly' or 'only just' something was.


I was not aware, so I wrote Raj sometimes go, and not GOES. ERROR! But: after all, this is a Hindi, and not English, course. My error was real, of course. But on the English side!


How do you expect Duolingo to know you understood correctly if there's an error in your translation?

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