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  5. "यह किताब छोटी है।"

"यह किताब छोटी है।"

Translation:This book is short.

August 1, 2018



How do you distinguish between a short book and a small book?


Why couldn't this be This book is little?


A lot of Hindi speakers, including me, won't use बड़ा/छोटा in this case. बड़ा/छोटा would be used if we mean to say large or little.

For short and long books, we would use मोटी(fat) and पतली(thin).
यह किताब मोटी है - This is a long/thick book.
यह किताब पतली है - This is a short/thin book.


Thank you! I tought so but was confused by doulingos answer

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