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  5. "Qob lobQo'ghach."

"Qob lobQo'ghach."

Translation:Refusing to obey is dangerous.

August 1, 2018



Don't we have a nice English noun for refusing to obey: disobedience?


Aye, that makes sense to me as a possible translation; added :)


Considering lobHa' is usually translated as to disobey, wouldn't lobHa'ghach be disobedience? Or would the English word be a decent translation for both, because the Klingon words include a nuance English doesn't have?


I think "disobedience" is probably a fine English translation for both Klingon words, and I'm not sure that the nuance between the two Klingon words is very strong or important, but if I had to describe the subtle difference, I would say the -Qo' version sounds like refusal to do the thing and the -Ha' version sounds like choosing to do some other thing.

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