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  5. "A nice thick cotton wrap"

"A nice thick cotton wrap"

Translation:Kitenge kizuri

August 1, 2018



Can someone tell me the difference between a kitenge and a kanga? Which one would be the standard waxprint wrapper that is used for putting over skirts/carrying babies/sitting on/drying off/etc.?


I don't know about waxprint wrapper, but a kitenge is the stiffer material used to make clothes, while a kanga (or leso) is quite thin and light, and can be used to swaddle babies, sit on, dry off (if you're in a pinch. It's a bit like using a t-shirt to dry off)


just googled wax print fabric. Yes, that is what a kitenge is. It's not typically used for things other than clothing seeing as it's rather stiff, but it's not impossible to use for the things you mentioned. Except maybe for drying off. It's not very absorbent, and I don't imagine it feels good to rub against yourself


Thanks so much; very helpful. I guess the places I've lived, they just use that for everything. As it's worn and washed, it loses the waxiness and works better for the other things. (It's not terrible for drying off even when new, but it is better when old. I always pack one when I travel.)

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