"Když jsem ještě nebyl ženatý, jedl jsem v mnohem dražších restauracích než teď."

Translation:When I was not married yet, I ate at restaurants much more expensive than I do now.

August 1, 2018


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Shouldn't the first phrase be translated as when i was not yet married. Seems more natural in uk english and i would have thought should be accepted. Also shouldn't 'much more expensive restaurants' also be accepted in the second phrase.

August 1, 2018

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"When I was not yet married...." is also accepted and has been for some time now. But there were a few reports for it that seemed to be "stranded" in the system, and I have just released them.

March 8, 2019

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Not sure about the word order, but I don't understand why the apostrophe.

August 19, 2018


It's supposed to be a single quotation mark not an apostrophe

March 7, 2019
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