"Protože čekáme další dítě, hledáme větší byt."

Translation:Because we are expecting another child, we are looking for a bigger apartment.

August 2, 2018

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Can someone please explain the different uses of větsiho, větseho and větši for example.


Maybe this will answer your question. Since větší is an adjective, it changes its form based on gender, number, and case.

You can find the declension of "větší" here. Click on Declension if the table is not visible. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/v%C4%9Bt%C5%A1%C3%AD#Declension.


Can I translate "čekáme" as "we are waiting" in this sentence?


ČEKAT (without a preposition, and in the context of "having" another child) has been presented in the course as EXPECTING. If we were just "waiting" for another child -- say, another friend of one of our children -- it would be ČEKAT NA.

Disclaimer: I'm learning too, so you may get a more authoritative answer from one of the Czech experts.


I listened to the audio 4 times and she is definately saying “dalšich”. I kept getting it wrong last time I did the module for the same reason. I also think it would incorrect gramatically.


What I can hear from this page just now is correct "další".


Why is 'We are looking for a bigger apartment because we are expecting another child' wrong?


It's usually best to keep clauses in the same order, unless doing so would result in a really strange translation. However, as the meanings are the same here, I will add "flipped clause" variants if the Czech natives on team are comfortable with the reversal. It may be something that just wasn't considered when the sentence was developed.


In this case the meanings are exactly the same (at least in English) but some experts on Czech may have to decide. Thanks.


The meaning is the same everywhere. The point is it is too much work to accept flipping of various clauses and cases like "Matěj a Žofie" vs "Žofie a Matěj". Yes, meaning is the same, but there is not much reason to do the flip and the number of the forms that needs to be supported is often huge already. Especially on the Czech side.

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