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  5. "क्या तुम ठीक हो?"

"क्या तुम ठीक हो?"

Translation:Are you fine?

August 2, 2018



A more idiomatic English translation would be "Are you okay?". "Are you fine?" is not technically wrong, it just sounds a little odd.


I agree, "Are you fine?" sounds a bit rude to me, or abrupt.


"Are you fine?" does not sound like native English, but the system won't let me report the English as unnatural, only the Hindi, which is weird, since that's the language I'm learning. Native speakers of English use "fine" in the answer, but not in the question.


Yeah, I feel like, "Are you okay?" is more considerate and more kinder than "Are you fine?" It sounds a little foreign when you say it out loud.


How about "are you well" ?


In American English "are you ok" is the best answer, but "are you well" sounds perfectly idiomatic from a UK standpoint. "Are you fine" is understandable, just strange.


Could also be translated as "Are you (doing) alright?"


Native British English speaker here: in British English, "Are you well?" is perfectly acceptable (indeed more idiomatic) but is marked down on Duolingo. Please revise!


Oh hi! I'm a Native speaker of American English! It's just that (at least, in my knowledge) "Are you fine?" isn't a popular way of saying it in America. I'm not sure about England though. I would like to go there! Go Harry Potter! :) Hope that whatever I said isn't rude!


I love these discussions! I learn so much from them!


I always find it interesting when commentors reject Duo's translation as bad English. As a native speaker of American English "are you fine" sounds okay.


Hi! I'm a Native speaker, too! Hindi and English are my two mother tongues, actually. Usually, we say "Are you okay?" Like, in books, someone says to someone else, "Hey, are you okay?" And you don't usually hear someone say, "Are you fine?" It's possible to say that, I'm not saying it isn't, it's just not used as much as, "Are you okay?" or "Are you alright?" Hope that's a non-rude way of stating my opinion! :)


I chose "kyo tum ţhik ho" as why are you fine. What's wrong with it?


"Why are you fine" is not grammatically incorrect, but it doesn't sound natural to me; I don't think it's a phrase I would ever hear a native English speaker say.


How can I distinguish when
Kya and when kyon?


kya means what, or used in yes/no questions kyon means why


I'd like to know this too. I keep getting it wrong.


I got this as a "Select the Missing Word" exercise with the options: क्या, क्यों, and कमी.

Is "क्यों तुम ठीक हो?" a valid (if strange) question?


no, it is not valid. kyon means why, and if you want to ask why are you ok, you will say tum theek kyon ho? or tum kyon theek ho?


It would be more normal in England to say "Are you well?" if enquiring after someone's well being, which is I think the intention of the question. 'Are you fine?' sounds odd. The answer to "Are you well?' or to 'How are you?' might be "I'm fine' but it wouldn't normally be used in a question. The suggestions made by others of 'Are you okay?" in would normally be used only if one thought someone might not be - e.g. if they had fallen over or seemed upset.


You can also say "तुम ठीक हो क्या?" with the क्या (kya) at the end right?


We would understand you alright and we do it all the time,specially people with different mother tongues( India has great linguistic and cultural diversity) but hindi teachers will frown upon you. Happy learning :)


No, I don't think that's valid.


Are you good is correct fine is old


Are you good is not correct. Good is an adjective. The correct question is, "Are you well?" as 'well' is an adverb and it answers the question "How are you?" Technically, "Are you good?" means something like, "Are you well-behaved?" However, using good has come into the language because of poor grammar teaching.


American English but equally valid if that's correct in the US. Sounds odd to me as a British English speaker since to us 'good' means morally good. We'd say 'well'.


Putting the क्या at the end is less formal, but native speakers do it.


I did "Are u fine" and it said I was wrong?


Did you spell it exactly like that? I don't think Duolingo accepts "u" as acceptable spelling of "you".


I did spell it like that. Thanks


I think तुम ठीक हो? should be accepted as well, most people omit the क्या while speaking.

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