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  5. "मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं।"

"मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं।"

Translation:My house has two doors.

August 2, 2018



This still really looks like "There are two doors in my house."


That is definitely one way to translate it, and I would say that's fine.

I read that, since (in this example) a house is incapable of actually possessing anything (as opposed to people), this construction is used instead to convey the same meaning.


Why is it incorrect to write the following English sentence: In my house there are two doors? Please explain. Thank you very much.


Totally agree, I reported it just now.


Why is it 'mere' instead of 'mera'? Is it because it's conjugating with the plural doors?


No it isn't. It's because the postposition में puts घर into the Oblique case and the masculine singular Oblique case of मेरा is मेरे.


How is it possible if it would be then it must be a room not a house


It would be the entering door and the washroom or baathroom


मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं। -- There are 2 doors IN my house, मेरे घर को दो दरवाज़े हैं। -- There are 2 doors TO my house ( the ones one uses to exit or enter the house!) The non litteral translation in English would be -- My house has 2 doors! Is that right?


although literal, my trans. is still valid.


I agree. Why is 'in my house there are two doors' not a valid translation?

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