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Valyrian trouble

[deactivated user]

    Hello beautiful people on internet! I recently finished my valyrian tree(all skill wiyh level 1)

    And I have 2 problems: 1. Having trouble getting used to valyrian I have gont thrugh full course but i still can't fully understand and memorise on some part. 2. Vocabulary I tried to make some sentence with valyrian but cluld not find any reliable dictonary.

    And may i ask you. If you know. Is first problem's solution. And if you know any reliable valyrian dictonary site. Please comment back.

    From japan. FirstConan

    August 2, 2018



    The best (only?) site is dothraki.org. It has:

    The vocabulary list also states which gender and declension group nouns belong to, which case follows a verb, and what group a verb belongs to. These make it easier to use the tables on the other pages. The vocabulary list also includes a number of useful examples.


    The only thing with wiki.dothraki is that the vocab is only listed Valyrian > English, which can make it tricky if you want to know what a particular English word means in valyrian (time to scroll down the whole bloody list only to find there isn't even a word for say "wedding")


    You can always search the page (press F3 in Chrome, might depend on you browser) for the English word and if you don't find it, synonyms.

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