"I am a girl."

Translation:मैं एक लड़की हूँ।

August 2, 2018

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Is " मैं लड़की हूँ " also acceptable in conversation? I know it's accepted by Duolingo but I wanted to know which sounds more natural.


मैं लड़की हूँ sounds more natural


Yes it sounds more natural


You have taken French lessons right, Articles are important... les, le,la,l',une,un,de,des,ce,ces,cette...etc all are important so it'd be MAIN EKK LADKI HOON, not MAIN LADKI HOON, well No one say "EKK" in India often they goes w/o articles like, MAIN AADMI/AURAT/LADKA/LADKI HOON


Yes it is completely fine

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    ड और ड़ मे क्या अंतर है? What is the difference between ड and ड़?


    ड has a retroflex d sound.
    ड़ has a retroflex r sound, which seems to have Persian origins. The letter was not part of the original Devanagari alphabet.


    Nope, the retroflex flap ड़ /ɽ/ and breathy-voiced retroflex flap ढ़ /ɽʱ/ are later Midde Indo-Aryan developments. In Prakrits, the retroflex stops ड /ɖ/ and ढ /ɖʱ/ were intervocalically (between the vowels) realized as flaps /ɽ/ and /ɽʱ/ respectively. They weren’t phonemes yet, but as Prakrits evolved into Modern Indo-Aryan languages, they got the status of a phoneme. So, to represent these two new phonemes, people modified the letters ड and ढ with a dot below and we got our ड़ and ढ़. This is not unique to Hindi and Devanagari, many other Indo-Aryan languages did the same with their scripts. Bengali has ড় and ঢ় for instance.

    These sounds never occur at the beginning of a word, only intervocalically and word-finally, because the allophony didn’t exist word-initially.

    Here’s how some Hindi words with ड़ /ɽ/ and ढ़ /ɽʱ/ developed from Sanskrit to Shauraseni Prakrit to their modern form:

    Sanskrit घोटक gʰoṭaka → Shauraseni घोडग gʰoḍaga → Hindi घोड़ा gʰoṛā “horse”

    Sanskrit शाटी śāṭī → Shauraseni साडी sāḍī → Hindi साड़ी sāṛī “sari”

    Sanskrit पठति paṭʰati → Shauraseni पढदि paḍʰadi → Hindi पढ़ना paṛʰnā “to read”

    Sanskrit वृद्धि vr̥ddʰi → Shauraseni वड्ढि vaḍḍʰi → Hindi बाढ़ bāṛʰ “flood”


    Why is it "huun" and not "hai"


    You use huun for first person, and hai/hain for third person. Ho is for second person informal (you).


    Yeah like तूम एक लड़के हो (You are a boy)


    हूँ contains उ within it which pronounced uu while है contains ऐ which is pronounced as hai


    Hoon is equilant to am in english


    How do you type ड़ ? Everytime I want to type it, I have to copy it from Google Translate. (I'm using a Hindi A -> अ keyboard on a MacBook).


    I looked at that keyboard. I couldn't figure it out! I use the Devanagari QWERTY keyboard (also on a Mac), and you type Option-f + Option-d.


    Super yaar kya baat hai mujhe bhi like it was a girl who am


    There was two लड़की


    Some words pronounce is wrong

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