"What do you want?"

Translation:तुम क्या चाहती हो?

August 2, 2018



Could this also be phrased as तु्झे क्या चाहिए?

August 23, 2018


I answered that the first time but I was marked wrong. Can someone please explain... thank you

March 7, 2019


Yes. Both of them are correct. But there is a subtle difference. तु्झे क्या चाहिए? is generally said to someone younger than you. Like its perfectly fine if a mother says that to her child or if you say that to your younger brother. In any case, it sounds a 'little' disrespectful.

"तुम क्या चाहते हो" is more respectful and you can say that to someone younger than you or someone of your age. This is still disrespectful if you say that to someone older than you(such as your father or your boss).

"आपको क्या चाहिए" means EXACTLY the same and you can say that to someone older than you.

June 12, 2019


Jai Bhole Baba!

What about if you are very close friends with a pandit who is around your same age? He is like a brother to me for the past 10+ years. Would you recommend I use aap or tum?

June 12, 2019


Well, I dont know too much your relationship. In general, if you think of him as your equal, use tum, otherwise use aap.

June 13, 2019


why would this be चाहती specifically? I put चाहते, which i thought should be the case for तुम

August 2, 2018


They must've fixed it. I answered चाहते and is was marked correct

August 4, 2018


You are correct, the answer given is wrong.

August 3, 2018


can i say, "tumko kya chahiye?"

September 14, 2018


Yes, however keep in mind that that is slang

September 28, 2018


Can it be तुम्हें क्या चाहिए?

December 16, 2018


how can I know she or he?

August 13, 2018


I think only by the conversational context. Or, if you see the endings ा versus ी on the verb.

August 23, 2018


I did not see this answer given.

August 16, 2018


Would क्या चाहिये? imply that the subject is you/तुम, making it a correct translation ?

December 26, 2018


Why is आपको क्या चाहती है incorrect?

June 11, 2019
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