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Assign crown levels?

Interesting addition of 'crown levels.' I can see how it adds 'replay value' to education. I'd love to be able to assign a crown level in assignments, but AFAIK it isn't doable at present. Is that true?

August 2, 2018



Currently, this isn't possible; however, it is a suggestion that our team is aware that many would be interested in for the future.


Hi KevinR86 :)

There are quite a few features that teachers in these forums have expressed an interest in the years since the Duolingo for Schools system was released. Is the team also aware of them?

  • Importing students from a CSV file
  • Giving two (or more) teachers access to the same classroom
  • Transferring classrooms between teachers

The three points above are all big obstacles to the adoption of Duolingo in schools.

  • Assigning strengthening a skill
  • Assigning golding the tree
  • Assigning keeping the tree gold for a particular length of time
  • Assigning XP that's earned from different skills, so that a student can't just endlessly repeat the first lesson of the first skill, etc.


Thanks for your replies, Linda and Kevin. I guess what I'll do in the interim is assign both a lesson and experience points on a weekly basis to make sure students are equally engaged.


Yes! I was just looking to see what I could figure out. I would love if we could assign levels. I want kids to do all the levels in a skill, not just 1 for credit. :(

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