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Hindi for mobile users

A massive thank you to the creators of the Hindi course, well worth the wait! Even though Hindi is my mother tongue I had never learnt to actually read or write in Devanagari which is why it's been great working through the course :) I was just wondering what the estimated date is for the course to be available for mobile users so we can practice on the go?

August 2, 2018



You can practice on your mobile device without an app. Just use your browser to access the web page.


Good point, it's a possibility but I've just found it to be a bit fiddly in comparison to just using the app (if I don't have access to desktop). Beggars can't be choosers I suppose


Hindi is also my mother tongue, though I never started learning to read and write Devanagari until recently! I thought this was pretty helpful: http://bodhgayanews.net/hindi/HIN11_Script_Intro.pdf it tells you how to pronounce each sound in your mouth and also shows how to write the letter.


Awesome link/resource. This is a very accurate and thorough explanation, like the one you'd get in good books back in the day (before everyone and their mother started trying to make their own haphazard, anecdotal, and incomplete expositions and posting them all over the place!). I wonder if you could make this link a "sticky"; I think most readers should go ahead and read it before going on to doing the Duo course.

The only thing missing in my opinion was a little more detail on how to pronounce the fricatives ख़ and ग़, and perhaps a note about how न and ण are often not distinguished. They say that the fricatives are often not distinguished, but I'd say that if one wants to be in touch with the "Urdu" side of things (or hopes to recognize writing in Urdu later on, or to recognize Persio-Arabic words) they might as well learn to pronounce these sounds in their ideal way (before deciding to pronounce them in the non-pretentious man-in-the-street way).


This is a very interesting linguistic situation. Could you please write something more how it works? You mean that you didn't even have to write or read Hindi at school?


Hmm if you are Hindi speaker and need to train your reading skill why don't you read Hindi newspapers online?


Reading Hindi newspapers teaches you how to read Hindi newspapers though :) I doesn't teach much about how to speak Hindi. You might know the term "diglossia." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diglossia There is such a big gap between newspaper language Hindi and spoken language Hindi.


But newspapers are good enough to practice reading as a skill to recognize letters and words fast and correct, that’s what I’m talking about )))


Yes I definitely want to get to that point but I've only just got the grasp of reading and writing in Devanagari, so a stepwise approach would be better


I just barely started the Hindi course, but I can give you a few tips for learning how to read. Read children's books until you feel confident enough to move on to harder children's books. Generally reading what the children of that language would read could help you out. It did with my native language.


Awesome advice, I did this when I was initially learning Spanish and French , going to see if I can dig a few out for Hindi! P.S. have a lingot


Yep, I also cannot wait for the mobile version of the Hindi course.


I agree - thanks galore to the Hindi course creators.

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