"You are Peter."

Translation:तू पीटर है।

August 2, 2018

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Why can't it be तूम पीटर हो?


Tum Peter ho, is correct. In fact, it is more appropriate than 'tu peter hai'. Tu is a singular used only among friends. It is definitely not used when meeting people for the first time.


It allows, "आप पीटर है(Aap Peter Hain)।" when typed in.

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    Its also correct. If you were to use this statement, that meams that Peter is some kind of authoritative or an elder. आप is used for formal conversations.


    Because that's spelled wrong, it needs to be तुम, not तूम. Would be good if they allowed that as a spelling mistake though (no idea whether they do or not).


    The words that can be used here (and are correct) are: तू - very informal (used only with friends or person who is close to you) तुम- formal (can be used with strangers or person who are younger to you or the post is lower than yours) आप - formal (elderly people and those with higher Designation)


    Tu is used in extremely informal setting when you're close to the person you're talking to. Tum is used as the universal-you. Aap is used to show respect and for people older than you.


    Yah it is correct


    तू पीटर है would come as quite rude with strangers


    So would telling them their name imstead of asking it :)


    As funny fact, तू sound exactly the same as spanish Tu and both means You in english :D

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      Wow, Ive just noticed ;)


      And in Portuguese too


      This is ridiculous. I selected the correct words in the correct order and it was marked wrong!


      Same here...i feel bad coz i lost one point


      Tu versus tum.


      There is a mistake in an exercise in the 5th series, ' tap the pairs' with the match with the word kam*. There is no other possibility so this blocks the whole exercise. I comment in this exercise because it is not possible to comment in that one of the 5th serie...


      Better to comment on the general hindi language forum then, I think.


      I have seen this behavior in several lessons but only on the cellphone.


      sounds like something a parent would say to their child, like I have said to my 2 year old many times. Adults know what their names are. Hence, तू


      Tum peter ho तुम पीटर हो you are peter( correct Hindi)


      'Tum peter ho' is more better and sounds good and more mannerful. Tu peter hai is like you're gonna say it to your friends. So anyways if you like my opinion please report this issue to duolingo. It would be good for all our there


      Suggestion: duolingo should teach तुम and आप instead of तू। Because तू is quite rude!!


      It should be( tum peter ho) why duolingo is using tu


      Wrong answer ok ,


      You should never use तू unless he's your best friend or younger one. तू is considered disrespectful. Say तुम instead.

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