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  5. "Do you not see those mice?"

"Do you not see those mice?"

Translation:Nevidíš ty myši?

August 2, 2018



I tried "Vy nevidis ty mysi" ( I know I haven't included the accents). Vy and Ty are both shown in the hints but only Ty is accepted as correct. Could someone please explain ? Thank you !


'Ty nevidíš' or 'Vy nevidíte'; both are valid here. The first one is singular informal, the second one sg formal and plural.


I spoke with some Czech speakers and everyone is telling me that they never use 'ty' 'toho' or any of those determiners, which is why it's so hard teaching them articles.


Yep. The distinction seems to be between the formal and more colloquial. I didn't bother asking if it is a difference between written language or spoken language, however if Czech speakers have so much trouble using articles, then I assume there is no difference.

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