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  5. "क्या नेहा भी खेलती है?"

"क्या नेहा भी खेलती है?"

Translation:Does Neha also play?

August 2, 2018



Can another answer be "Does Neha play also?"


'Play also' sounds a little odd to my ears. I think we would use 'too' in that case: "Does Neha play too?"


"... play too" is probably more common, but "... play also" is not incorrect. I've definitely said both.


@Marks - yes, but you'd have used it depending on context.

e.g. I've used sentences like "Also, Neha plays the piano".

This is when I'm talking about something and say the above as an addendum.... The Also in this case does not apply either to Neha or to her 'playing piano'.

The position of also would change the meaning of the sentence IMHO


The meaning would differ then. 'Does Neha play also?' ties 'also' to the word play, meaning that she does a lot of things, playing is another thing. "Does Neha also play?" means that a group of people are playing and Neha is one among them. That being said, I am not sure about the accuracy of the translation.


@Margaux - No. That answer would be valid for the Hindi sentence क्या नेहा खेलती भी है?

Hope this helps.


Also play or play also, depending on the context


It really doesn't depend on the context ... the two are identical and should both be accepted. The word order in this instance does not change the meaning.


@HooSteve - it does change the meaning.

क्या नेहा भी खेलती है? is not the same as क्या नेहा खेलती भी है?

Same applies to English "Does Neha also play?" vs "Does Neha play also?"

Also affects different parts of the sentence depending on where it is placed. If you don't get this subtlety that's fine. I'm okay with you carrying on with your own understanding of the English and Hindi grammars. Cheers


I always have difficulties with the correct position of "also" in Engish, but "Does Neha play, too?" is not accepted although I think this should be a correct translation.


I think it is a matter of formality


Does Neha play too?


Why is "Neha too" incorrect?


Why "Does Neha too play?* wrong?

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