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  5. "Those are my cats."

"Those are my cats."

Translation:Das sind meine Katzen.

March 28, 2013



My German girlfriend says that regardless of the gender of an object, the phrases "Those are", "That is", or "This is" always use the structure "Das ist".

In this case, "das" has nothing whatsoever to do with the article of object.

"Das ist mein Auto" (Auto is neuter)

"Das ist mein Hund" (Hund is masculine)

"Das ist meine Katze" (Katze is feminine)

"Das sind meine Schuhe" (Schuhe is plural)

User DaShimmy mentions using "Dies sind", which is also correct and is basically a synonym for "Das sind" in this context.


I know it's been a few years since this was posted, but would it be logical to use Das for "those" and "that" and Dies for "these" and "this"? i.e. Das ist mein Auto, dies ist mein Hund... to say your car if it was away from you and your dog was next to you, from a positional usage of the terms.

Like if your car was on the other side of the street, you'd say "that is my car", but if you were stood next to it, you'd say "this is my car".


Why is "Das sind Katze meine" wrong? the verb comes in second postition. Is there something more I should know.


attributive adjective goes before the noun, and also "Katze" needs to be plural: "meine Katzen"


I have used diese sind and it was marked correct


can't we use diese instead of das ?


Is "Diese sind meine Katzen" also acceptable?


in the tips, it says that for the plural of these and those, it will always use Die, so why here it is used "Das"?

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