"यह दीवार लंबी है।"

Translation:This wall is tall.

August 2, 2018



a wall is high, not "tall"

August 15, 2018


how can i say "this wall is long"

August 2, 2018


Generally when talking about something where there could be confusion (a fence), ऊंची would be used to mean tall and लंबी would be used to mean long. It's sort of wierd that they have a word that means both long and tall, but when you think about it, in most situations if you say "यह लंबी है" one can likely infer what you mean by what you are referring to (person, highway, tree, etc.). I guess whoever made this question figured it's fairly clear when referring to a wall you mean that it is tall.

August 3, 2018


Wall can high as well as long

February 23, 2019


Not so strange. In German you say a tall person is "lang," the same word as "long" in English, but you would say a building is "hoch," or high.

March 17, 2019


यह दिवार लंबा है।

November 15, 2018


This wall is high. Why wasn't this accepted?

August 27, 2018


We would not say a tall wall in natural English. Agree, high wall

September 22, 2018


The translation should be "this wall is long". Translation from लंबी to feminine tall would be acceptable if it refers to feminine objects or beings which can be large in only one dimension, and can stand upright in that direction. A wall can be oblong in two dimensions but is more likely to be longer along the ground and hence fits with लंबी translating to long. यह दीवार ऊंची है। is a lot more appropriate to translate to "this wall is high/tall"

January 23, 2019


Yes - a wall is high not tall - high should not be a wrong answer

November 17, 2018


Tall is 'unchi/uncha' in hindi

April 10, 2019


"This wall is big" is marked as wrong. :(

June 1, 2019


Big would be बड़ी. I think that would imply bulk not just height. Native speakers correct me if I am wrong.

June 5, 2019
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