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  5. "You people want to sleep."

"You people want to sleep."

Translation:तुम लोग सोना चाहते हो।

August 2, 2018



When should we use चाहिए and when should we use चाहते/चाहती/चाहता? What is the difference?


tum log --> ho, not hain? even though it's plural?


Yeah, I think हो always goes with tum regardless of if it's singular or plural. I could be wrong, but I think you could also say आप लोग सोने चाहते हैं


Yes. Both your explanations are correct zeebo7


Is there no way to say this informally? I know how to say it with तुम and आप, but I'm trying to practice the informal way and keep getting rejected. I've tried both तू लोग सोना चाहते है। and तू लोग सोना चाहते हैं।. Why are these incorrect?


I suggest to avoid using तू as informal and sticking with तुम as informal and आप as more formal. तू would be used in very rare cases and could result in you offending someone, if not used in the appropriate situation.


why do we use the infinitive here = सोना and not the verb stem = सो ?

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