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  5. "You do not want alcohol."

"You do not want alcohol."

Translation:तुझे शराब नहीं चाहिए।

August 2, 2018



Why is it not Tumko? Why is it Tujhe?


Tumko is for tum, tujhē is for tū


Tumko is correct as well


We don't generally use "tumko". Instead, "tumhe" is more appropriate .


The tips section provides a table of pronouns in the dative case and there is no तुमको


Any diff between nahi and nahin?


Nahin is one accepted way to transliterate नहीं without using diacritics. Nahi is wrong because it doesn't indicate nasalization. The most accurate way would be "nahīṁ" but unless you have your keyboard set to Linguistic Nerd Mode like me it's a pain to type. Nahin is much more common.


ड्यूओलिंगो कहता है कि 'अापको शराब नाहिं चाहिए' गलत ह! लेसन को बदलना है


i think i missed the part in which it is explained the use of pronouns in oblique case. in which circumstances do i need to use it? I'm figuring it is used with "like"and "want" but not too sure.


It's actually a special form of the oblique case called the dative case. It basically means "to" or "by." Check out the tips section for more info.


Why is a hona verb not needed here?


It's almost always left out if 1) you're negating the main verb (नहीं is present) and होना is not the main verb. मैं जाता हूँ / मैं नहीं जाता -- here you can leave out होना because it's not the main verb. However, suppose I want to negate मैं लड़का हूँ. I can't drop होना because it's the primary verb, so I must keep it in: मैं लड़का नहीं हूँ.


But होना is never needed for चाहिए that we've seen so far. नहीं has nothing to do with it


Why is it stuck???

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