"I want to drink a coffee with you again."

Translation:Quiero beber un café contigo otra vez.

2 months ago


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Is it always "un café"? I c an not say just: "Quiero beber café contigo otra vez"? I know two other languages, and in both of them you don't have to specify "un café". I got wrong for not including it, so I want to know if it is that important. ,[02 aug 2018]

2 months ago

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I think its "a coffee" because thats what is specified in the sentence. Otherwise, I dont believe it must always be there. But I am new here so I confess that I am no expert.

1 month ago


"Yo deseo de nuevo beber un café contigo" is mentioned in the correction, I was wrong OK, but why am I being shown the thing I've never been taught?

3 weeks ago


I had it correct except they have the accent mark on the cafe and they marked it wrong

2 weeks ago


I'm never marked wrong for omitting accents. I receive a reminder to 'pay attention to the accents' but am credited with a correct answer. (I'm trying to be more careful so that I will learn to use them correctly but I tend to omit them so often because including them slows down my typing SO much.) Are you sure there wasn't another error?

9 hours ago


I made a typo not incorrect

1 week ago


Is 'vez' feminine? I was marked wrong for 'otro' vez.

9 hours ago
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