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A weekly progress email

I have a Fitbit as well and find their weekly emails with personal infographics a massive motivator.

I'd love to see something similar for Duolingo showing things like:

  • points per day
  • total for the week & whether it's more or less than last week
  • list of new words this week
  • list of the words I've struggled with the most this week
  • a list of the modules I completed
  • a list of modules which I've not practiced for a while

I think it would really help me to keep coming back for more and the word lists would be a great mini-reference.

Thanks for reading!

March 28, 2013



Nice idea. Appreciate the detail. We'll be working on notifications catered toward a member's learning progress soon. Thanks!


Now that this has been implemented - can we get a way to disable these emails or opt out entirely? They really should be something we get a choice in receiving.


I think it would also be nice to see a summary of how many words are at each strength level.


Agreed. The vocabulary section requires a long scroll makes it a chore if you just wanted to see your only your weak, moderate or strong words.

<h1>Great Idea!</h1>

I decided to track my own progress a while ago!


How have you inserted such a big text? :))


bold - just type two asterisks around your word or phrase

italic - type one asterisk around your word or phrase

<h1>BIG TEXT</h1>

two equal symbols followed by two minus/subtraction symbols under your word or phrase will produce big text

I enjoy tinkering/discovering/hacking small and safe things. I'm sure there are more tips and tricks.



Something weekly would be nice. Daily is a drag, so I don't sign up for it. There's lots of brains behind this site, they can come up with nice data presentation I would hope. The chart of coins for the week is pretty weak.


Was thinking about infographics too and I found this post, I really think this is an excellent idea !

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