Translation:We didn't run this morning.

5 months ago



How do you tell the context in this sentence considering mañana can mean both yesterday and the morning?

5 months ago


«Mañana» means "tomorrow", not "yesterday", and it's easy:

  1. It doesn't make sense to translate «mañana» as "tomorrow" if there is a "this" before it.
  2. The word «Mañana» is masculine when it means "tomorrow", and feminine when it means "morning".
5 months ago


Your saying it dosn't mean "yesterday" yet when you click on the word for a translation it literally says "yesterday" and "tomorrow."

5 months ago


The "hints" are not necessarily correct. They may even deliberately include wrong words to see if you make common mistakes, for example offering both «la» and «el» for "the".

Duo then learns that you need practice on that word and will slip it in during later exercises.

Learning though making mistakes is a very effective teaching method. If you are not sure, you can (and should) always check in a dictionary. There are lots of online ones like SpanishDict, Linguee etc.

3 months ago

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I wrote we aren't running this morning to see if duo would accept non past. It didn't.

1 week ago


Why is it "nosotrAs" and not "nosotrOs"? I'm so confused.

5 months ago

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It depends on who is making the statement. If it's a group of women, then you use nosotras.

4 months ago


If you listed carefully you'll hear "nosotras" not "nosotros." Okay. But it's a guy saying it.

3 months ago


I cannot hear the difference between nosotros and nosotras. It is frustrating.

2 months ago
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