"गाय काली होती है।"

Translation:A cow is black.

August 2, 2018



How do I know if it's "a cow" or "the cow"?

August 4, 2018


I think because होती implies generalisation.

August 18, 2018


"The cow" could be generalization if it referred to cows as a species.

December 6, 2018


Especially in Indian English where that kind of construction is far more common.

January 25, 2019


Also, other sentences in this lesson don't accept "A is " as an answer for this same construction, but to accept "the is ."

January 25, 2019


Context. Hindi isn't big on articles.

August 6, 2018


I agree with emrys29, but I think in the right context "the cow is black" would also be correct.

August 19, 2018


Shouldn't "cows are black" be accepted since "होती" makes it a general statement?

August 2, 2018



August 2, 2018


I don't think so, because गाय is singular. गायें is cows. This just seems like a bad example to me.

August 3, 2018


"The cow is black" seems better; "a cow is black" or "cows are black" seems less idiomatic because not all cows are black; even Holsteins are usually only partly black.

December 5, 2018


It's not gauging whether the sentence is true or false, just if it's grammatically correct.

January 25, 2019


That is what i put, but duolingo counted in wrong

January 21, 2019


"The cow is black" "गाय काली है; to me, this would be the most accurate interpretation. The conditional verb "होती" should not be used here as black-ness is not a generic quality of all cows. It appears some translations are generated from the colloquial sense of the language....it becomes a question of intuiting the classical form from the colloquial.

September 21, 2018


From what I've seen so far, you use होती when your speaking generally.

So you would use it if you wanted to say 'cows are big animals', meaning all cows are big animals.

Here is supposed to imply all cows are black, or does it mean that somewhere there is a cow that is black?

September 1, 2018


"A cow is black" is nonsense. Nobody would ever say that. "The cow is black" or "some cows are black" make sense. The problem appears to be with the Hindi sentence. It seems that the Hindi sentence is incorrect unless it can mean something over than "A cow is black"

September 20, 2018


'The cow is black' is marked incorrect. To choose 'A cow is black' seems ridiculous.

December 9, 2018


Indeed it doesn't make sense - and if context helps, there is not context here. Not a good example unless it means something that is lost in translation

October 5, 2018


What is the difference with "the cow is black"?

January 31, 2019


I got it wrong when i wrote the cow is black. Both A and The are correct

February 27, 2019


This lesson seems to be inconsistent in how it grades it. There was another question where i put "A is" and got it correct, but it also said "The is" it's also correct.

April 11, 2019
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