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  5. "This is Neha's son."

"This is Neha's son."

Translation:यह नेहा का बेटा है।

August 2, 2018



I am getting confused where i have to use ka and ke


It depends on the gender, number and sometimes degree of formality of the object (बेटा in this case). For masculine singular, use का (नेहा का बेटा). For masculine plural, use के (नेहा के बेटे). For masculine singular but with respect (आप form), use के (नेहा के पिता). For feminine singular/plural, use की (नेहा की बेटी, नेहा की किताबें).


i was able to answer the question without reading because 'beta' was the last word before 'hai' in only one of the choices. I catch myself trying to answer as fast as possible, unconsciously, because I'm trying to score points.


Is it? Will Answering fast increase your points?


Isn't this sentence should have been like..."vah neha ka beta hai"? Im getting confused


यह = This. वह = That or he/she.


One of the wrong answers was यह औरत का पुत्र है (This is the son of a woman) is this actually a proper sentence? Or would it be यह इस औरत का पुत्र है? (This is the son of a this woman)

Well, in English it is a sentence but seems like a obvious statement. Does this sentence or statement make more "sense" in Hindi?

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