"वे लड़के जाते हैं।"

Translation:Those boys go.

August 3, 2018



Unfortunately, "Those boys go" is a nonsensical sentence in English.

August 6, 2018


Yes, but this tests our understanding of the phrase... as part of a longer sentence, in a certain context, it's absolutely fine...

August 11, 2018


It's okay as part of a longer conversation about e.g. a school.

August 13, 2018

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Is a possible translation "They go to boys"?

October 24, 2018


This is a perfectly valid question; I don't see why you would vote it down. Boys would have to be in oblique case. They (the ones here) go over to those boys (over there), ये उन लरके जाते हैं

So if you say They (the ones over there) go over to those boys (over there), वे उन लरके जाते हैं, and you then leave out those, you're left with they go over to the boys, वे लरके जाते हैं। I see what you're getting at. There's something to it. I think the answer might be... yes? Lots of reservations here...

Adding to the confusion then by that same token वे लरके जाते हैं might also mean they go over to the boy (singular), since the oblique form of लरका and लरके alike is लरके. Applying honorific plural, this sentence could also mean (s)he goes over to the boy(s), right?

If you think the suggested translation is nonsensical then puh-lease this is Duolingo.

Not a hindi speaker, disclaimers apply.

December 23, 2018


No , you're wrong.

THEY GO TO BOYS would be be larko ke pass jaate hain You guys will learn it later.

January 17, 2019


"Those boys are going" was marked incorrect.

August 3, 2018


Because that would require the continuous case: वे लड़के जा रहे हैं.

जाते हैं is uniquely for 'go'

August 3, 2018


Not a good English translation "Those boys go"

November 13, 2018


Is these boys go unacceptable?

December 21, 2018


That would be ये लराके जाता है ।(ये instead of वे ).

December 23, 2018


ये लड़के जाते हैं। You're right about ये, and one out of four ain't bad... I've come across you in the forums before... possibly in English to French? In that case, thanks for the help :-)

December 23, 2018


You’re welcome!

December 23, 2018


So its a phrase . L

February 15, 2019
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