"I am sleeping so I am crying."

Translation:मैं सो रहा हूँ इसलिये मैं रो रहा हूँ।

August 3, 2018

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There is a song in morning that goes जो सोवत है सो खोवत है।

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Meaning one who sleeps looses.


FYI I assume you mean 'mourning' - it's not a US/UK thing in this case, with the 'u' it's as in grieving, and without it it's the time of day.

Great to have some of these phrases that are cultural/film/etc. references explained in the comments though, cheers!


Apply the logic on learning the language, not on the sentence contents ;-)


Thank you good sir, for your advice.


Sounds equivalent to the English phrase "I cry myself to sleep". More poetic than logical.


I gave up on trying to find logic in this Hindi course a long time ago! :D


For anyone trying to approach this with logic... it rhymes.


Is it necessary to repeat में in the second part of the sentence (it doesn't accept without it)?


No i dont think it is. You should report it


What's the difference between the usage of इसलिए and तो for "so..." ?


इसलिए can only be used when the second clause follows logically and directly, causally, from the first, a stricter connection between them, literally 'for this', i.e. 'for this reason', 'because of this'.

तो I think can also be used in this cases, but it can also be a more casual 'then' or 'so' without such causal connection, where इसलिए wouldn't make sense. (Easy example: 'So.. what shall we do' type filler.) It's also used with अगर in if-then constructions, and for adding emphasis or marking the topic.

Aside: when you hear things like 'I myself am going now' or 'She herself is ...' in Hinglish or Indian English, I believe that comes from seeking a तो equivalent in the latter sense (and not really finding it in other dialects!)


Thanks so much that explains a lot.


they are just trying to compare the two sentences in one sentence

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