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  5. "El mundo es pequeño."

"El mundo es pequeño."

Translation:The world is small.

March 28, 2013



Es un mundo pequeño después de todo.


Someone had to say it.


Ah, beat me to it.


But I would not like to paint it.


It's a small world after all! :P


When they first read this, did anyone else have the song "It's a Small World After All" start playing in their head? It might just be me, but I couldn't help it. I still have it stuck in my head right now.


I translated "El mundo es pequeno" as "The planet is small", but was told that I should not confuse the word "planet" for the word "world". However, I thought "mundo" means either planet OR world?


planeta = planet I think Duo has some slippage here, and I'd stick with 'world' for 'mundo' There are several, shall we say, "misleading' hints in the drop-downs.


Well, in Spanish Mars and Venus are 'mundos' too. And Moon, or Io, or Ganimedes, or Titan but they aren't planets but satellites. In fact, during Renaissance America was 'El nuevo mundo' for Europeans. But today the world is smaller.


Mars and Venus are planets but not worlds. Also, I put "It's a small world" knowing full well that this would probably not be accepted, but it is a familiar saying. I am going to report this.


I agree. I was tempted to put "It's a small world" but I was afraid to lose a heart. It would be nice to know if people use this phrase in Spanish the same way it's used in English - like when you move to a tiny village on the other side of the world and find out your next door neighbour is the guy you sat next to at school.


Yes we use it. Even more, in Spain we say "el mundo es un pañuelo" the world is a handkerchief.


Do you say "El mundo es pequeno" (the world is small)or "Es un mundo pequeno" (It is a small world)?


Both. But the second sentence would be 'ESTE es un mundo pequeño'


Does a Spaniard see a folded handkerchief when he thinks this? Lace? Utilized?


I agree that 'It's a small world' should be accepted as it sounds more natural and is a well known expression in English. It was the first option I thought of but I went with 'The world is small' which doesn't sound as natural becasue I figured a literal word for word translation would be what they (incorrectly) want.


I did the same, Melita2 and have suggested that it is accepted, since it is a much more commonly used expression than 'The world is small'. Of course, if you are an astronomer, I supposed you might often say the World is small, in relation to other larger planets.


Actually, Mars, Venus, etc., are sometimes called "extraterrestrial worlds".


Not really. The world is not small.


It's all relative.


I agree! "It's a small world" is a figure of speech and has no relation to the size of our planet.


What are we compering Earth to?


"Small world huh?"


So...would someone please tell me what the correct translations are of "pequeño, chico, chiquito, pequeñito?" I put as translation: "The world is tiny." and Duolingo marked it as incorrect; the correct word was "small." not "tiny."


I think that this translation is taken from an an attraction and related song at Disneyland-- It's a Small World-- Es un Mundo Pequeño.. See for example,



Thank you, WolkZayets...I still would like to know why Duo marked it as incorrect. According to my translator (which can be wrong at times), "pequeño" means "small" and also "tiny" but not according to Duolingo..."tiny" was marked as incorrect.


We don't usually say "tiny world"-- "small" seems to be the preferred adjective in this case. Even when people meet unexpectedly, for example, when I met someone from my US hometown quite by chance in Japan, we will often say, "Small world, isn't it?".

"Tiny" means "much smaller than small". One can say that a squirrel is a small creature, while an amoeba is a tiny creature. The Earth certainly looks tiny from far out in space, but in most cases we don't refer to it as "tiny". And if you want to emphasize "tiny" in Spanish, I think it might be better to say something like "minísculo" or "diminuto" or "pequeñito".


Wow...I thought I was the only person crazy enough to be up this early. lol Thanks for letting me see something that should have been so obvious.

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