"ये लोग हर दिन दो घंटे खेलते हैं।"

Translation:These people play for two hours every day.

August 3, 2018



these people play every day fpr two hours was not accepted by the system. Doeas it sound totally different to English ears?

August 3, 2018


No, that should also be accepted.

August 3, 2018


Sounds fine to me. I put ‘each day’ which to me as an English speaker means the same thing but that was rejected.

August 16, 2018


I also said "These people play every day for two hours" and was marked wrong. :/

September 9, 2018


Both variations of the english translation are accepted now. Next question: Why is the sentence "ये लोग दो घंटे हर दिन खेलते हैं" marked gramatically incorrect by our lovely Duo?

October 27, 2018
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