"नेहा की गाय मेरी गाय से बड़ी है।"

Translation:Neha's cow is bigger than my cow.

August 3, 2018

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Is "se badi" a preposition? If so then what is the English equivalent?


'से' is the postposition which is used for comparisons. I would say 'than' would be the equivalent.


Mera answer tumhare answers se same tha fir bhi Mera galat kaise hua?


I think this is not right ok , me almost


Lovely and popular sentence


Interesting... the drop down hints suggests 'bigger than' and 'older than'. I noticed on another sentence, I think it was about Julia and Neha both being short, the drop down hint's 1st suggestion was 'short' but the 2nd was 'young'. Am I correct in thinking that the Hindi words for big and little are the same words for old and young?


The word for 'big'/'small' is also used to mean 'old'/'young' and 'tall'/'short', especially in comparative statements. The meaning is usually inferred through the context but if there is some ambiguity, you can say something like 'उम्र में बड़ा' ('big in age) or 'कद में छोटा' ('small in height').


Neha's cow is bigger than my cow My answer is correct✔


Yes ofcourse you answer is righ


Wait, wasn't "se" meaning from? This is the only thing I think Duolingo needs: something that exists in traditional mediums of learning, a block text explaining to everyone how a word can have multiple meanings. Yes, you can see that if you tap the words, but that's not something everyone does. Just a suggestion


नेहा की गाय मेरी गाय से बड़ी है as से is here isn't the oblique case applied here ??

Then should मेरी गाय be changed to some thing like मेरे गाये ?


Yes. 'मेरी गाय' is in the oblique case. But the oblique case form of मेरी is मेरी and गाय is गाय so it remains 'मेरी गाय'. Refer the tips and notes for how words change in the oblique case.


Ye sahi hai phir galat kiyu ara he


Sorry give me his answer


I want to learn mora


Again that glitch or something the answer was already ready FIX THIS PLEASE DUOLINGO

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