"नेहा की गाय मेरी गाय से बड़ी है।"

Translation:Neha's cow is bigger than my cow.

August 3, 2018



Neha's cow is bigger than mine - surely this is the best translation, let alone not being accepted!!!

August 3, 2018


Your sentence is equivalent in meaning, but it's not what's written. The fact that it says मेरी गाय से means that it should be translated as 'than my cow'

August 3, 2018


Seems to me that this sentence is the best in Hindi, but not in English.

August 29, 2018


Wouldn't that sentence be नेहा की गाय मेरी से बड़ी है। (without the second cow being overtly stated? I assume that construction is OK in Hindi

October 21, 2018


as far as I know it would be "meri waali", not just "meri"

December 2, 2018



May 27, 2019


You raise an interesting point. In English, we have the concept of redundant information. This means that you don't restate something that has been stated. I don't know whether this applies in Hindi but in terms of economy of effort it is likely to apply as well. I guess we need someone well versed in Hindi to enlighten us at this point. My feeling is that you are right:-)

October 21, 2018
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