Daily Bonus XPs: Smartphone vs. PC

Does anyone know why you get the daily bonus XPs when doing Duolingo exercises from a smartphone but not when doing them via a PC? I usually do my daily exercises via my smartphone, but today I decided to login to my Mac. This is when I noticed that it doesn't give the bonus XPs for completing the daily exercises. I also noticed that I do not get the treasure boxes [that give extra lingots] after completing the day's goal. Just curious as to why there would be a difference in the award system, depending on whether one is using their PC, tablet or smartphone.

August 3, 2018

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The only thing I can think of it that we need them more because we have the health bars that run out and can buy instance health restore instead of doing practice exams. At least that’s how my ipad is. I’m not sure which phone you are on because there are difference between those too. I read that they way we do it is a trial to see how it works. And that eventually they will be doing away with lingots and changing over to gems like our systems. I didn’t realize that the PC doesn’t get those little bonuses because I always do my lessons on my app. That’s good to know though so thanks for posting.

August 3, 2018
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