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"Algunos estudiantes en la clase son bajos."

Translation:Some students in the class are short.

1 month ago



It would appear that because I wrote, "Some of the students" instead of "some students" the system rejected with the message, "Some of the students in the class are small."

1 month ago


The same thing happened to me.

1 month ago


Yes, DL tries to 'modify' your answer to the closest acceptable version. If you then make some other 'fault' that DL-machine hasn't got a correct answer, it might even give you 'abla-babla' -faulty suggestion. That is; the best in line that it has. Or you get a warning : "you used a/the wrong word". In order to continue you just have to accept the sentence DL gives you no matter what. But then you get also a possibility to remind: press the red flag, and you can report the thing (but it isn't really a proper feedback, though)

1 month ago


Bajos means short, not small. Duolingo is not very eloquent in English.

1 month ago


Duolingo said that this is incorrect. "a few of the students in the class are short". Reported!

1 month ago


I said "short" and was marked incorrect. A few sentences earlier stated that ", , , las mujeres aqui son bajas" and the correct answer was ". . . the women here are short"!

3 weeks ago