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"Julia and Neha are sitting together."

Translation:जूलिया और नेहा साथ में बैठे हैं ।

August 3, 2018



I checked with my partner ( native Hindi speaker ) . He said that बैठी is definitely correct.


If not for really helpful commenters like you, I would never understand Hindi.


Why is it not बैठी since the subject is plural feminine?


It should be बैठी हैं। Please report it.


No good way to report it. I did so and checked all the checkboxes (audio sounds wrong, hints wrong or missing, english wrong) though none apply. Hopefully it'll at least get someone's attention.


Seven months later, it's still not corrected, but at least there's a better way to report it available now. "Something else went wrong."


I had the same thought looking at the conjugation tables (https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hi/Plurals/tips-and-notes). But I also asked a Hindi speaker and he felt that बैठे was more correct than बैठी. Could it be that it has to do with the way it is actually spoken (plural feminine ee in written, but casually e in spoken)? Or could it be a common "native speaker mistake", like your/you're in English?


It should be बैठी


Unfortunately, the word bank only offers baithe, which does not fit here, not baithî ... (February 2019)


Yes (20june2020) ♥


Also when using the keyboard बैती is considered wrong. See https://i.imgur.com/Pl1LoQK.png.


Why not the रहे form? Is the above not "Julia and Neha sit together?"


बैठे is an adjective, not a verb. Think of it as meaning "seated", as in "Julia and Neha are seated together."

In English, "sitting" can mean (1) already being in a seated position or (2) being in the act of changing to a seated position. The Hindi verb for "sit" (on which बैठा / बैठी / बैठे is based) can only mean (2).

-- edit --

Side note: it really should be बैठी since the entire group is known to be female.


Hi Why is is साथ and not के साथ ?


If I am not mistaken, के साथ translates to "with", whereas साथ में to "together".

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