"Aamir was there earlier."

Translation:पहले आमिर वहाँ था ।

August 3, 2018

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You can also say it likely and formally as"the" not"tha"


Why pehle used and not pehla?


Disclaimer: I'm just another student.

पहला (first) is an adjective that gets declined according to the gender and number of the thing it modifies. I.e. पहला/पहली/पहले

पहले (earlier) is an adverb that happens to match one of the forms of the adjective पहला.

Same thing happens with the adjective धीरा (slow) and adverb धीरे (slowly). Also with जैसा and जैसे.

@Xeeeeeeeee: I could swear I've noticed at least a couple other adverbs formed the same way, so this feels like more than just a coincidence. But I spent a while searching the web for such a "general rule", and found none. I also didn't find many more examples matching this pattern.


Can we not change the order of the words? There is a thing dialects, of courss


आमिर पहले वहाँ था was accepted


And आमिर वहाँ पहले था was accepted as well.


What would be the difference between them?


Aamir pehle wahan tha. No you can't say the. "The" is used with plurals or with elders. They were there earlier = ve pehle wahan THE............you were there = aap wahan the. ......... He was there = weh wahan tha.


There are many cases where the honorific plural should be considered an automatic requirement.

There are virtually no cases where it's automatically wrong to use it.

Perhaps it might be wrong to use if you've just accidentally insulted the old guy you're talking to by forgetting to use it, and you're choosing how to address the four year-old child standing next to him. Addressing a child with the honorific plural, in front of someone you've just insulted by not using it, would probably reinforce the insult.

Barring edge cases like that, using the honorific plural is at worst unexpected and perhaps a bit funny sounding.


Is there a general rule for an adjective to become an adverb? Eg. पहले (oblique form) to become an adverb


Amir wahan tha pehle was not accepted. "Pehle Amir wahan tha" sounds wrong to me? Like Amir was there first?


Aamir pahle se wahan tha ... is this wrong or Wright


That would mean'Aamir was already there'

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