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Most important aspects of learning Czech

Hi! I have been studying Russian since some months ago and I realized there are some basic aspects of Russian that you have to know before you can understand a song or a writing in Russian, like cases, genders, verbs aspects, verbs conjugations, verbs of motion, tenses, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc., and I was wondering what are the most important aspects of Czech. I just started, but I´d like to be prepared. Thanks for reading!

August 3, 2018



Everything you mentioned is critical, and I would also add understanding word order rules. Another thing I'd mention is that, from my perspective, Czech is quite a bit more complicated/confusing than Russian when it comes to declension and conjugation, and it seems... less consistent, somehow.

But you!re not alone in taking on the challenge, and there are plenty of people here who are willing to help others learn this lovely -- if somewhat frustrating until you get used to it -- language. Good luck!


I think, most of the very items you mentioned for Russian are pretty much the same for all languages.


Spanish doesn't have cases or verb aspects, and there's nothing special about verbs of motion in Spanish.


Not every language has all of those concepts, but for languages that have them they are all very important. Because Czech is a Slavonic language just like Russian is it is not surprising that all the mentioned concepts can be found in both languages.

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