"Is your mother a teacher in this school?"

Translation:¿Tu madre es maestra en esta escuela?

2 months ago



I got it right, but why is there not an "una" in front of maestra?

2 months ago

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Definite and indefinite articles are so tricky in Spanish because they're so many odd rules that govern them.

Don’t Use Any Article When Talking About Your Profession, Nationality, Religion, etc.

In English, we use the indefinite articles a or an when talking about our professions, nationalities, religions and the other abstract ideas that make up our identities.

I’m an anthropologist.

She’s a Catholic.

In Spanish, you must leave those articles out.

Soy abogado. (I’m a lawyer.)

Soy brasileña. (I’m a Brazilian.)

More here: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/spanish/definite-and-indefinite-articles-in-spanish/

2 months ago


Why is it that sometimes "this" is marked correct when using "este" and other times it's correct when using "esta." I don't know the difference. Maybe someone could explain the difference, please.

2 months ago


I guess it depends upon the gender you're talking about at that current scenario. Esta defines female and este defines male.

2 months ago


I have been trying to understand that too.

1 month ago


Este is used for masculine nouns and esta for feminine nouns singular.

2 months ago


Why doesn't "es" go at the beginning of the sentence?

4 weeks ago

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I did that and it was counted right.

2 weeks ago


I put una in front of maestra and was marked right

4 days ago
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