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How good is your Chinese?

How well do you understand, speak, read, and write Chinese after doing this course.

August 4, 2018



AnEnlightenmentPLUS 好, 你会说中文吗? I have been through the tree of Chinese Skill, Hello Chinese, and Duolingo. What you get out of a course depends greatly on what you put into a course. I should have repeated everything I heard, practiced making sentences, and so on. You want you to speak Chinese? Listen more Read more Speak more Write more if you desire to write Chinese characters. Practice, practice, practice


Before I breezed through the whole course, I learned a lot from my parents who mainly speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. I have traveled a lot throughout Chinese locations across New York and Taiwan, so I absorbed a lot of materials already emphasized in the course. In short, I am very independent and instrumental with the languages I am using both in real life and online.

However, since Chinese is not my first language, I would like to give you the full explanation of each ability before the course:

Speaking - Since I have been doing this for 20 years straight, I am more than familiar with the conversations and certain usages of vocabularies. My parents went through all basics by creating conversational exercises, such as

  • 請告訴我15種動物。 (Please list [me] 15 animals.)
  • 「近」的反義詞是什麼? (What is the opposite of the word "near"?)

Reading - I have started this few years later. After I read elementary vocabulary books, I self-studied hanzis both from newspapers, movies and text translated in my mobile device.

Writing - Along with reading, I learn to type on the keyboard and write manually on the character-recognition pad. Both help me a lot by recognizing how sentences are formed, and why some common hanzis do not appear in articles.

After the course? Well-refreshed as before. Few important ingredients this course lacks are:

  • Rigor: The course does not fully include all possible answers, which is an ongoing issue with learners who are new or familiar with Chinese language. Since Chinese language emphasizes the uses of hanzis a lot, distinct sentences may have common meanings. In addition, classic Chinese can occur in the translation, not only modern Chinese.
  • Depth: This tree almost consists of simplified conversational statements that are used in real life. I would like to see different variants of the same expression, preferably in idioms.

Note: Not all people have the same paces of achieving certain levels of languages. For instance, I studied some in Duolingo, but since I am more interested in studying styles than memorization, I set myself some games, reading and writing materials in my target languages. More interestingly, I tend to focus on them other than English.


i am still learning but i am under standing it really well and i am only 12


Whoa, how great you are! Have a lingot and 加油哦!


Starting out learning young is the best!! You should look into summer exchange programs next!!

[deactivated user]

    me too! im 12!

    [deactivated user]

      Hello, Konnichiwa, ni hao, Bonjour, hola, Hallo, Ciao, namaste, salaam!


      My nephew told me about Duolingo on January 20, 2018. I couldn't read or speak any Chinese, I only knew a few characters... mostly pronouns and numbers 1-10. It's been 8 months now. My reading comprehension is strongest. I'm can read on the Newbie level on my Du Chinese app. [I still have to look up words if I've never seen them before of course.] My listening comprehension isn't so good. They speak so fast and many of the words sound similar. However, since Duolingo has added lessons where they speak and you have to figure out what they're saying, I should improve there. My pronunciation, quite frankly...sucks. sigh Lingodeer lets you record yourself and play it back. It was painful to hear. But I will soldier on. Who knows what I'll be able to do in another 8 months!


      About good enough to get a feeling for the topic of a story that is made for children that just learn to read.


      I started today, i never understand nothing about Chinese language but i think i can do it. Everything has a start point.


      Before begining the chinese course, I didn't think that could be as easy as



      In other words, I'm reasonable in writing and reading basic Chinese (we're talking high A1 /low A2 here), but don't expect to be speaking with out other suplements


      Yeah, that feels about right. I've already studied for three years and this language tree is like a reminder or a review of vocabulary.


      Did you mean "and I speak very good mandarin"? If you did, then 而且我普通话说得很好 ;)


      Both are correct! :)




      我不只到,我开学Duo Lingo以前我用LingQ,书,和Hello Talk学中文。不过,我的中文不好,当然不流利,我有时间用GoogleTranslate 翻译一个生词。那么,我学完DuoLingo以后,我会知道!


      I didn't use google translate on that my mommy will be proud


      Just a note to add to that, 生字新词 (new vocabulary) is probably the phrase you're looking for. Google translate is usually literal (a tad too much sometimes) and so must be used with caution. All the best!


      I think your Chinese sentences is pretty good that I as a native can clearly get what you express;)

      我不知道。 在开始学Duo Lingo以前,我用LongQ… OR 我开始学Duo Lingo以前用LongQ… You don't need more than one 我 here. 我有时候用GoogleTranslate…

      And from what I've experienced that GoogleTranslation sucks.





      Let me add to that, I'm just starting the course and getting the hang of it lol


      My chinese is very bad and I think I need to speak more properly.

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