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"Julia and Neha go at quarter to ten."

Translation:जूलिया और नेहा पौने दस बजे जाती हैं।

August 4, 2018



Why isn't it जाती since Julia and Neha are both girls?


This sentence is wrong. They should have used जाती हैं. Please report it.


I believe that you still pluaraize for two different female entities. What I mean is that if it was a group of girls, you would say लड़कियाँ जाती हैं, because there is one noun here (girls). Alternately, if you said girls and women go, I think it would be: लड़कियाँ और औरतें जाते हैं. It would be nice if a mother tongue Hindi speaker could confirm.

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This is not true. The feminine plural form is जाती both for one single plural feminine noun and a noun phrase with multiple feminine nouns. So, the Hindi sentence is technically incorrect and should have used जाती.

However, colloquially, we sometimes tend to use the masculine plural form (which should actually only be used for groups of masculine nouns or mixed-gender groups) for all groups just because it makes life easier.


लड़कियाँ जाती हैं is correct, but लड़कियाँ और औरतें जाते हैं is not correct, it should still be जाती because of the feminine nouns. (Native speaker here.)


Is there regional variation about this?


Asked a native speaker and he agrees with this. So if it is explicitly two separately named things or people, use जाते even though each thing or person on its own in a sentence world use जाती. The girl/girls example both use जाती since you are still naming one collective unit.


huh? so if it wasn't Julia and Neha, but "a girl and her (female) friend", it would be जाती, but since they are named, it's जाते? first time i'm hearing about this, and so far it hasn't been this way here. and what do you mean by "both use जाती since you are still naming one collective unit"? makes no sense. could a mod weigh in please?


Note to DUO: Please correct the Hindi sentence.


I can't believe it's been 2 years and they still have the wrong form


Julia and Neha - two feminine names - plural. "Jaate" - masculine verb plural. "Jaatee" - feminine verb plural. Can't understand why "jaatee" is incorrect for Duo. An explanation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Go with (educated) native speakers over logic every time.


I thought the verb should be plural since it refers to two people going.


That is exactly what I wrote! Duolingo called it wrong, correcting, "jaathey hein"


Again, I wrote, "jaathi hein", But the program called it wrong! and corrected it as " jaathey hein"

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